Gyan Sanchar is a pioneer coaching, which shapes your career by providing righteous knowledge, practice, and healthy environment to the aspirants of IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET, and NTSE.

Gyan Sanchar is the top-notch educational institute in Delhi which established in 2014 to cater the high-quality education and expert teaching to IIT-JEE aspirants under professional guidance. Since then Gyan Sanchar is producing excellent results in IIT-JEE, NTSE, and Olympiad. The institute is a career oriented and quality result driven, which is always ready to inspire students to dream big as they can and then achieve that with their dedication and hard work.

Mr.Subhash Sharma founder of the Gyan Sanchar has built it as Gurukul, where discipline, ideology, and hard work are the pillars of it. He dreamt to provide an educational gateway which helps the student to reach its other end, where success is waiting for them. That is the reason that the institute believes to create a righteous path for every student where they can flourish steadily with the help of professional scholars and professors. However, the whole faculty of Gyan Sanchar is ready to provide expert teachings to students with their expertise, knowledge, and experience in the subjects of JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KVPY, AIIMS, NEET, NTSE, and Olympiads. It is the best institute for preparing the same course so that the student can build a strong and successful career. The team helps you to prepare for your dream job through coaching in the subjects mentioned above too







We have the great strengthening of faculty, experienced professionals, and peaceful teaching facility, where you can learn every aspect of your course.

We at Gyan Sanchar always try to provide the unparalleled and professional coaching to you, so that you can clear your entrance test at once with the guidance of our teachers. And we are here to build your life and career so you can live proudly by benefiting with future opportunities.

Gyan Sanchar always encourages to student on the test so every student can get improvement in their performances whether they are preparing for NEET, AIIMS, IIT JEE or any other course. The faculty of Gyan Sanchar supports each student with great aspects of learning

At Gyan Sanchar, we do believe in to take classes with direct interaction with our student so that they can ask their doubt and resolve their problems with teachers.

From when we decided to open an institute, our motif was the only that the quality education would be the key factor of our service, and compromise would not lead any space.

Our faculty trust in quality education services with great commitment to service. We have experienced teachers, who are committed to their work and believes in to make a good life of our students with their teaching.

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Select a course and learn the aesthetics of your stream by gaining through professional knowledge and expert coaching from the top faculty of GyanSanchar.

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Attending seminars open ups your path and helps you to find your goal of what you want to be. GyanSanchar organizes seminars very often so that you can take action soon towards your career.

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Making future is tough, however, you can have the ability to create it with good guidance, and Gyan Sanchar is the one, which beliefs to create your future with the best faculty and teachings.