Gyan Sanchar G - NDA: Integrated Course

This course is an integrated course with CBSE for NDA. This integrated course is for students who opted physics, chemistry and Mathematics as their main stream for board examinations.

Objective: The basic objective of this course is to give a balanced preparation for NDA examination with board level preparation. NDA written is held twice a year therefore this module of preparation is designed in phases.

Phase – 1: Duration of this phase will be from April to July. In this phase there will be 15 days of summer holidays. Target of this phase will be to cover physics, chemistry 50 % syllabus. Mathematics will be covered around 70 % of the syllabus. The package for GS and English will be provided in this period.


Phase – 2: Duration of this phase will be from August and September. In September usually NDA written examination is held. In this session mock test of NDA will be held. A specialized session for GS and English will also be held.

Phase – 3: Duration of this phase will be from October to December. In this phase the syllabus of all subjects with one revision will be complete. Online Mock test for NDA will be provided to the students. Class 11th Mathematics will be revised in this session.

Phase – 4 : Final Phase will cover the board examination and NDA examination of April session.