Gyan Sanchar One year Foundation Program for Class 10th Appearing Student

Main Focus:

Main objective of this course is to prepare students for upcoming vast studies of class 11th and 12th of any stream. In this course we will work on the foundation of mathematics and science which will help students in 11th, 12th and upcoming IIT JEE and medical examination. In this course complete board preparation of class 10th will also be covered. A complete preparation of NTSE examination will be included in the course.

Phase -1 : This phase will start at the beginning of April and run till End of May in which students will be taught syllabus of class 10th at basic at advanced level inclusive of module tests.

Phase – 2 : This phase will be run in the month of June in which main topics of Math and Science of class 9th and MAT will be dealt at advance level.

Phase – 3 : This phase will start at July Run till September in which Math and Science of class 10th will be discussed at advanced level. In this phase MAT testing will be done at NTSE level.

Phase – 4 : This phase will start in October in which SST and English for NTSE will be Taught along with Test of MAT and SAT separately. This phase will run till NTSE examination.

Phase – 5 : This phase will start after NTSE examination and run till final board examinations. In this phase complete revision of Math and Science will be discussed for Board and Further KVPY exam which will turn up in class 11th and NTSE level-2.


  • Comprehensive study material will be provided which covers deep concepts with suitable examples, and exercise which is set at different difficulty level.
  • Each class concept is discussed with complete exercise known as DBS (daily brain storming).
  • Previous years NTSE and Olympiad problems will be discussed in the classroom by the experts.
  • Test series designed on different difficulty level to judge competency level periodically.

GyanSanchar study pattern is based on the earlier age Gurukul system. Our gurus acts as a mentor to each student. Our gurus not only teach but also provide study plan for self-study. We provide continuous support and maximum hour of preparation.